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Hey guys! Welcome to my Wiki. Here you will see all the info about my different Tengaged Series!

Here are the links to both of my groups:

Drama Forest: [[1]]

Endurance Series: [[2]]

Right below is the chart for Drama Forest. It is an idea that I planned to be a YouTube competition and it really was working out till I joined Tengaged. I kinda dropped the competition and Youtube itself. But now, a year later, I have become a fairly succesful host so I decided, why not bring it back? So here we are, with Drama Forest holding the record for longest amount of days a top group.

Drama Forest is basically 50 people divided into 10 cabins. The compete in Forest Challenges and the winners get to send a Cabin to Cabin Council. That cabin then eliminates a player. There are a billion twists though like Idols, double eliminations, destroying cabins, ect. You know the slogan....Betray or be Betrayed. This ain't a joke :)

Chantra's Drama ForestEdit

CONTESTANTS Cabin Cabin Switch #1 Vote Count Placement Votes
Cowkal2 Raccoon 3-2 50th
bigalex1995 Raccoon 4-0 49th
rdoggjcat Otter 3-2 48th
chancepryor Cougar 4-1 47th
jimboslice Woodpecker 2-1-1-1 46th
Brittney15 Lynx 2-2 T 4-1 45th


Lynx 3-1 44th
benner_2304 Turtle 3-0 43rd
Dashingbrettyker Beaver 40% of Votes 42nd
rasmusjt48 Rabbit 4-3-2-1 41st
Peachesncream Rabbit 4-3-2-1 40th
Abeline Lynx FC8 39th
Dr.Orange Otter FC8 38th
Dragotistic Cougar FC8 37th
MattyB Woodpecker FC8 36th
YBBob Woodpecker FC8 35th
Bryjow Woodpecker FC8 34th
BLACKEYE Salmon FC8 33rd
Jharrin Rabbit FC8 32nd
Jmpesigan Turtle FC8 31st
Comando Raccoon FC8 30th
Kpnna Bear 5-0 29th
xjamzx Bear 3-1 28th
LemonSalsa Turtle 2-1 27th
Sarge455 Turtle Walked 26th

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